Procedural Writing

WALT  Write a procedure.

Something I learned about writing a procedure is how to use punctuation on my computer.

Something I would like to do better is use different adverbs in different sentences.

How to make delicious jelly pops

What do you need?

  • jelly crytals
  • party cups
  • bolling water(1 cup)
  • cold water(½ cup)
  • fruit sticks
  • measuring cup
  • whisk
  • Jug


1. Prepare party cups on a flat surface which might be a table/tray.

2. Carefully pour the boiling water into the party cups. NOTE:Ask an adult to help you.

3.tip your jelly crystals into the bolling water.

4.Whisk the boiling water and jelly crystals into they desolve.

5.Add ½ a cup of cold water.

6.Leave your mixture on a table or bench to set.

7.Slowly pour the jelly into the party cups carefully so you don’t spill the jellly.

8.Add fruit sticks into the party cups.

9.slowly walk to the freezer and put the party cups into a flat surface in the freezer to set.


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